Changing the way we work

The benefits of automation are actually personal. They are about getting your life back.
Ansible automation will take care of the mundane tasks, while you will focus to what’s really important to the business.
When Digital Transformation calls one needs to concentrate on providing a flawless digital experience instead of dealing with complexity in systems, repetition of processes, rigid and stiff procedures. This is why we believe that Ansible is here to provide automation for everyone.

Free yourself from mundane tasks.


When rolling out datacenter deployments, you need a tool that can provision everything you need, and work with the infrastructure you have. Whatever the datacenter management tool, integrating Ansible, with its extensive library of built-in modules and its easy extensibility, is as simple as a couple of lines in an OS bootstrap or kickstart script to kick off provisioning.

Configuration Management

Virtualization and cloud technology have increased the complexity and the number of systems to be managed. You need a consistent, reliable and secure way to manage the environment and a system that builds on existing concepts you already understand and doesn’t require a large team of developers to maintain.


App Deployment

Ansible tool allows multi-tier applications’ deployment reliably and consistently, all from one common framework. You can configure needed services as well as push application artifacts from one common system.

Continuous Delivery

Automation is the key to seamless and continuous delivery with zero downtime and rolling updates, simple integration though an inventory that can be easily split to slice your environment up into different groups of machines, over networks, load balancers, monitoring systems, web services and more. Ansible lets you define «plays», which select a particular group of hosts and assign tasks to execute or roles for them to fulfil.


Security & Compliance

Moving to automation as part of your IT practices is a necessary first step for security. Apply the security you need in a simple, consistent, manner that allows you to concentrate on other things. A library of 750+ included automation modules, Ansible allows you to secure any part of your system, whether it’s setting firewall rules, locking down users and groups, or applying custom security policies.


Bringing together disparate things into a coherent whole: front-end and back-end services, databases, monitoring, networks and storage, each with their own role to play and their own configuration and deployment. Guess what? You can’t just turn them all on at once and expect that the right thing happens with the orchestration tool that can ensure all these tasks happening in the proper order: the database is up before the backend server, that the frontend server is removed from the load balancer before it’s upgraded, that your networks have their proper VLANs configured and so on.

Do you want to learn more on how a major client benefited by Red Hat Ansible? Read the analyst paper

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