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Smart Cities

Towards a Modern, Smart, Connected City

A smart city is a place where traditional structures and services are being combined with digital and telecommunication technologies to create a new, more efficient and interconnected environment, for the benefit of its citizens, visitors and businesses.

Smart cities are not only focusing on the use of information and communication technologies, but are emphasizing on better resource utilization and less environmental emissions. The new city structures include smarter urban transport networks, upgraded water supply and waste disposal processes and more efficient ways of lighting and heating buildings. It also means more interactive and responsive city administration operations, safer public spaces and fulfilling the needs of ageing populations.

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With the rise of innovative technologies, Smart Cities are already becoming a rapidly expanding reality

Digital Capabilities

At Uni Systems, with over 25 years of experience in Local and Regional Administration, we are guiding our existing and new clients to the new era of infrastructure, by introducing them to Smart City services and applications.

Uni Systems, being an active gold member of the FIWARE community, is investing in an open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards that will ease the development of new Smart Applications in multiple sectors for Smart Cities.

Areas like smart metering, parking, smart buildings, green technologies, transportation, eCitizens, public health, public security, are among our targeted point solutions. Our solutions, build on top of state-of-the-art yet powerful API and platforms, enable the integration of components and provide the basis for the interoperability and replication (portability) of smart solutions, which can be assembled together with any other third-party modules for faster, easier and cheaper applications.

Our Offerings

Uni Systems Smart Cities Service offerings can help cities identify new opportunities for better infrastructure creation, offering of innovative and more efficient services to their citizens. While people living in the specific area can enjoy a number of benefits, the cities can also benefit from the large number of information that they will be able to collect instantly and analyze. Municipalities can get real-time information on a variety of matters that will make them and offer better experiences and customer service to their citizens while reducing significant costs and increasing sustainability actions. 

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By taking advantage of new technologies, like IoT, local governments are improving infrastructure and quality of life to create the cities of the future with traditional elements and innovative, upgraded, interactive, real-time ecosystems
What we deliver

Based on its Local Government Information Management Systems and open-source framework, Uni Systems has created a number of solutions under one intelligent and integrated platform, the City2Live Urban Platform, actively contributing to the creation of the cities of the future.

City2Live | Eco: designed for monitoring of environmental parameters, like air quality & noise
City2Live | Mobility: aims at reducing traffic congestion and pollution in urban areas
City2Live | Water: transform vast amounts of diverse data into actionable information for optimal water management
City2Live | Fleet: integrated assessment and better fleet management
City2Live | Parking: reduction of parking time & effective management of facilities
City2Live | Waste: optimization of waste operations